How to be more fun!

How to be More Fun

Do you feel like you are boring others around you? If you feel this way about yourself, chances are others may have picked up on this vibe. Luckily, it could just be nerves and it is possible to learn how to be more fun.

In order to be more fun, we have to look at the definition of fun.

According to the Merium Webster Dictionary, Fun is “What provides amusement or enjoyment.”

Amusement and enjoyment sound great, right? But if you are feeling like you are not a “fun” person, chances are you don’t really know what you enjoy or find amusing yet. #growthmindset- It is possible you have some social anxiety and feel awkward around others. And that is okay! By the end of the post, you will have some amazing ideas to help you come out of your shell and gain self-confidence.

Therefore, in order to learn how to be more fun, try the ten tips below as we dive into the “what” and “why” of your new fun life!

10 Tips on How to Be More Fun

#1 Ask “the why” of being more fun

When you decide to be more fun, it is essential to ask yourself why? Why do you feel like you need to be more fun?

Is there something or someone that is telling you, you are not fun?

Once you find your why, I want you to dig deeper. In fact, ask yourself why seven more times. Dig down deep and find out why you feel like you need to grow in this area.

Your questioning will look like this:

Why do I need to be more fun?

Answer: Because I often feel socially awkward around others.

Why do I feel socially awkward around others?

Answer: I feel insecure.

Why do I feel insecure?

Answer: Because I had a toxic parent that put me down.

Why did they do this?

Answer: Because their parent put them down, so it wasn’t me. It was how they were raised.

Why did this happen?

Answer: So I can learn and grow. I have special gifts because of my life situation.s Life is happening “for” me, not “to” me.

This line of questioning will help you dig down deep. The above is just an example, so of course, your “why” will be different. Give this a try and find out why you feel you need to change.

If it is because you see things on social media or you have toxic friends, it may not be you. Yet, for some reason, you feel you need to be more fun, so if you are still feeling this way, keep reading.

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#2 Ask the what?

Once you have your why you are off to a great start.

Now you can ask yourself “the what” of being more fun. You see, getting to know yourself, will help you be more fun overall and less awkward in social situations. If you are not comfortable with yourself, it is hard to be around others. Hence, why people often have social anxiety.

Therefore, you are asking yourself “Wha do I like to do?”

Finding your true passions will help you have more fun in life. For example, do you love dancing or fishing? Think about activities that bring you joy. These are the activities you will want to carve out time for.

Knowing what you like to do, will also help you avoid saying “yes” to a bunch of stuff you find boring and end up feeling resentful after wasting time.

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#3 Be positive

One trait most fun people have in common is their positive, glowing outlook on life. If you are often complaining and negative, many times others will not want to be around you.

The great news is, you can change this way of thinking and retrain your brain to be more positive.

In fact, you can check out my Positive Thinking Journal available now in the Printable Shop! and learn to be your best self in only a month!

#4 Try not to judge

If you were raised to be judgemental, it is time to let that way of thinking go. Judging others for having fun, will only leave you feeling jealous. If you are often jealous of others then life becomes a competition and as I like to tell my kids, “Competition is the thief of joy.”

So try to be happy for others, and in turn, others will be happy for you. You will see how when you stop judging others, you will attract more positive people in your life.

Remember, you are the culmination of the five people you are around most. So surround yourself with positivity and it will begin to run off on you.

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#5 Stop complaining

If you love to complain, believe me, misery loves company. I have worked hard to be a more positive person and I was once a BIG complainer. Once I started on my personal development journey, I realized this about myself and started to break the habit.

The thing I realized is that anytime I wanted to complain, there was usually someone to jump on the bandwagon and start complaining with me.

As one keeps complaining, the negative energy grows. It brings about more anxiety and negativity. Learned to break the habit of complaining is essential if you want to be more interesting and fun.

It takes time to break this habit and it is easy to fall back into, but try to pay attention to who the complainers are in your life, and try to be positive around them. Try not to let their negativity ruin your positive thoughts.

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How to be more fun. Learn how to be more fun with these tips to help you be happier and life a joyful life.

#6 Live in the moment

Yes, there is no time like the present so enjoy it fully.

Try to be mindful and stop living in the past. The past has already happened and it is out of your control.

The future isn’t promised, so in reality, the only thing we really have is the present moment at hand.

Try to enjoy it because you can’t go back.

Live in the moment and let go of worry and anxiety.

Learn to let go of anger from past situations that cannot be changed.

#7 Try an adventure

If you want to be more fun, going on an adventure will help you get out there and give you something to talk about. Try something new or do something thrill-seeking.

For example, my son and I went on a really scary roller coaster ride called “The Hulk” at universal and we were so scared the entire time. Yet, it was a great bonding moment and we had the time of our lives. I think the best part about this moment, is the memory and yes, we are still talking about how crazy and scary that ride was.

If roller coasters arent’ your thing, try hiking, canoeing, or kayaking. Perhaps, try taking a camping canoe-guided trip with others. You will have plenty to talk about as you set out on an adventure together.

It also helps to build friendships when asking more experienced people for help or advice on your adventure.

#8 Find groups/hobbies you enjoy

Once you have some ideas of what you like to do for fun, try joining some like-minded groups. You can literally find a group for almost anything on Facebook. In fact, someone in my town was looking for friends and wanted to be more social. The admin of the group recommended a local wine group and there were so many other suggestions. Try putting yourself out there and check your local Facebook page for ideas.

There is also a running and fitness group in my local area and I am sure there are many, many more groups.

Do you like reading? Join a book club.

Do you like eating? Join a foodie club.

Moreover, find some things you enjoy and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Join a group and plan a meet-up.

#9 Be yourself

Learn to be yourself and be okay with it. You are enough, just as you are.

If you are constantly acting fake, others will notice and it is less likely they will want to be around you.

Try reading personal development books and do some soul searching if you are having a hard time with this.

Being your real, true authentic self is a must if you want to have fun with others.

#10 Listen and ask question

If you want to be more interesting, then learn to ask others questions too. If you only talk about yourself, you may be seen as pompous or arrogant. Try to be a good listener and others will take notice and instantly like you.

If you are going to a group or outing, as mentioned above, jot down a list of questions you can ask others. And remember to listen whole-heartedly when they answer.

How to Be More Fun Final Thoughts

If you want to be more fun, this post lists many ways to help you on your journey. Being a fun person will give you great joy and a lifetime of memories and experiences. Remember to find your “why” and your “what.” Once you know what you like to do, go on some adventures and join some local groups. Be a good friend and don’t judge others. You will find yourself having more fun and staying positive in no time.

My best wishes to you always. Enjoy this gift of life!

How to Be More Fun

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