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5 Must-Read Tips to Grow Your Self Worth

Grow Your Self-Worth

Are you trying to grow your self-worth? Perhaps you have been down about yourself and often feel you are not enough. This post will offer five tips to help you grow your self-worth and live your truth.

When you hear people say, “Live your truth.” it is hard not to believe we are already somewhere in our own truth. Yet, did you know your results are a direct correlation to your actions? Sometimes this is tough to think about and it is hard to admit that you may be part of the issues. However, owning up to your faults will help you grow as a person.

Not to mention, when you think about being happy, and often feel defeated, you may want to reconsider what living your truth really means.

Often we get caught up in the “blame game” and do not want to take ownership of our own life and/or actions. However, learning to own your results will help build your self-worth. You can get rid of the “victim” mentality and feel extremely empowered.

We all want to essentially be happy and feel good about ourselves. Yet, many are still challenged when it comes to self-worth because we are left with feelings of being unworthy and let self-doubt creep in.

Often this starts in childhood when we change ourselves in order to please a caregiver. Furthermore, we are then left feeling bad for being our authentic selves. Hence, want to please our parents, and often change ourselves in the process.

Yet, the authentic self is left buried deep down somewhere and is still yearning to come out.

This often leaves us feeling incapable and undeserving of all the wonderful pleasures life has to offer.

I was listening to a podcast the other day and the podcaster, Simone Grace Seol, was discussing how to live your truth and be honest about your results. She mentioned how our results are a direct outcome of what we have put in.

If we look at our results, they show us the truth.

For example, I want to lose about ten pounds, but the scale is not budging. Yet, when I really looked at what I was doing to try to lose weight, it made sense.

My results were what I was getting because I wasn’t tracking calories, eating pizza every weekend, and snacking on Hershey kisses every time I opened my cupboard.

If I had been living my truth, I would have realized why I wasn’t losing weight sooner. My actions were definitively a direct correlation with my results.

Being Content

Yet, you can live a happy life and essentially “think” yourself happier. Self-knowledge is the key to helping you grow in life and be happier.

Socrates once said that the unexamined life is not worth living.

If you have been living passively and reacting to things that come your way, it may be time to reexamine who you are and how to raise your self-worth.

Five steps to living a more authentic life

Use these tips to raise your self-worth and start living an authentic life.

#1 Clarity on How to Grow Your Self-Worth

Be clear about where you want your life to go and set goals accordingly.

Write down your most important values and beliefs and be intentional about living a life that corresponds with your values. In fact, don’t compromise to please others. This will leave you with a constant feeling of anxiety.

Set some life goals and ask yourself where do you want to be in a year, five years, or ten years. Create a plan.

Take steps to move toward your goals.

#2 Awareness to Help With Self-Worth

Be aware of your feelings and reactions. How do you react to certain situations and toward other people?

Learn to pick up on feelings and allow yourself to process them.

Also, stay calm by finding your triggers and avoiding them.

Moreover, be aware of how others make you feel. If you are around toxic people, it is time to let those friendships go.

If you find friends that are supportive and make you feel positive and worthy, make more time for these people. This is what you need more of to live a content life.

#3 Set Boundaries to Grow Your Self-Worth

Setting boundaries with people will help you let go of anger and resentment. Hence, you should do things because you want to, not because you feel you have to or worse off, were manipulated. (This will leave you feeling really icky.)

Be aware of what you can control in life and accept what you cannot control.

You cannot change the rain today, but you can change your attitude about the rain.

#4 Ditch Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a good way to make everyone around you miserable.

Realize that progress is important, not perfection.

If you wait for everything to be perfect, you will not make progress in life and you will hold yourself back.

Know that you will have weaknesses and be okay with this. You also have superpowers you should be proud of.

Also, don’t forget, that we are all human and no one is perfect. If you make a mistake, own it and move on.

#5 Kindness to Self and Others

If you are going to be kind to others, why not be kind to yourself as well. It is true, that we often know how to be kind and show kindness outwardly, but we beat ourselves up inside and use negative self-talk which is not healthy.

Learn to treat yourself like you were caring for a child or baby. Ask yourself, “What do you need at this moment?” Maybe you need a warm bath or a funny movie to make you laugh.

Treat yourself with tender loving care because you are worthy. Furthermore, you deserve kindness, love, and respect.

Forgive yourself for any mistake you have made and move forward.

How to Grow Your Self-Worth Final Thoughts…

If you are feeling unworthy or inauthentic, use the five tips above to help you make progress and move forward. Keep in mind that you are worthy of love and kindness. Also, be aware and examine yourself often. Don’t forget, make sure to ditch the “victim mentality.” You will see your self-worth rise and feel happier in life.

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