Self-Improvement: Losing friends along the way. Friends together hugging in sunset, learn how to keep or let go of friends on your personal growth journey.

Self Improvement: Losing Friends on Your Journey to Personal Growth

Are you trying to better yourself? If so, you could lose friends along the way. This may not seem ideal when you first think about it, but as you read this post you will realize why you will lose friends on your personal development journey, but why this can benefit you. Therefore, it is important to learn about self-improvement: losing friends on your journey to personal growth.

Yes, your self-improvement will cause you to lose friends on your journey to personal growth, and sometimes, that is okay.

If you are worried about losing friends on your journey to self-improvement and are not sure what to do about it, keep reading and find out how to handle this curveball and continue to make progress.

You may be saying, “I feel like I am losing my friends?” and if this is the case, depending on your friends, this may be the best thing for you.

Yet, if you have real friends that are loyal and true, you may not need to worry about them as you start your personal growth journey.

This article is about the process of personal growth. It is one of those things that we all know we need to do, but we also know it will come at a cost. You will lose friends. You may find yourself with less and less time and attention for your friends and more and more for your own needs and goals.

The article discusses what a friend is, whether or not it’s worth losing friends as you grow up, the benefits of losing friends, and how some people cope with losing their old friendships as they grow up towards making positive changes in their life.

What is a Friend?

A friend can be someone who is just for company or someone who you take care of and vice versa. Friendships serve different purposes for people, but all relationships come with responsibilities and commitments that require work on both ends. When one person decides to focus on themselves, the other person may not feel like giving them the same attention which can lead to resentment and loss of friendship.

What type of friends do you have?

As I did my research I found there are three types of friends. As we discuss each friend, try to ask yourself, if your friend is someone that is bringing you up or bringing you down.

Friends are there for you in the best of times and in the worst of times. Sometimes, you need to walk away from friends when they are not helping you make the right changes or become better versions of yourselves.

A big part of self-improvement is picking yourself up when life knocks you down. It also means making tough decisions, like cutting ties with people who might be standing in your way.

Friend types:

toxic friend

A toxic friend is the type of person that brings you down. Some signs to watch out for with toxic people is that you are always questioning yourself around them. Also, you feel bad after interacting with this person. Although many toxic friends build you up in the beginning and inflate your ego, it is hard to come to terms with the fact that they perhaps lie to you or do not have your best interest at heart. With these types of people, it is best to trust y our gut feeling. Pay attention to how you feel the next tie you talk with this person or meet with them.

To learn more about toxic people check out mbgrelationship for 11 tell-tail signs of a toxic person.

loyal friend

A loyal friend is a true friend and you have less to worry about with this type of person. You can go on your own journey, be gone for a while, and they will still be waiting there for you because they do have your best interest at heart. A loyal friend will understand that you are growing as a person and they will be happy for you.

distant friend

A distant friend is a friend you may have been close to in the past, but you don’t see them often. You may communicate through text social media, or email once in a while. Yet, this person isn’t your “go-to” friend when you need someone to talk to. Although you see nothing wrong with this friend, you just don’t have the time to hang out with them often, and that is okay.

Are friends worth it in terms of personal development?

They are your pillars in life that will always be there when things get tough. You should never lose “all friends” on your journey to personal growth; instead, find new friends who will help you grow and improve yourself.

Keep friends that support your goal of personal development.

Is it worth losing friends as you grow on your personal journey?

Most people have a hard time accepting change in their lives, and when they have to make a change in their lives they don’t want to lose any of the things that are attached to it. Losing friends is part of making a positive change, depending on what kind of friends you have in your life.

Friends are people that we often rely on to boost our self-esteem, give us advice, or just talk to. But some people feel like they need to change some aspects of their lives in order to grow and this might mean losing friends in the process.

This is not always an easy task, so it really comes down to the individual’s priorities. It might be worth it for some people, but others might not feel like they are ready for this type of change.

Why do I Lose friends making a positive change?

Many people ask the question if it’s worth losing friends to make a positive change in their lives. I would say yes. You can’t expect to grow and evolve without changing friends. It’s part of life.

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Is losing friends part of growing up

As you grow up, you will meet new people and perhaps travel to different areas. You may not live in the same place as a close friend. Often the distance can change the friendship.

Losing friends is not an easy thing to do. However, it is something that everyone has to do at some point in their lives.

Yet, in losing friends you will often learn, they can be replaced by new ones who are better for you in the long term.

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Self-Improvement: Losing friends on your journey to personal growth

Did you lose friends when you gained self-esteem?

Friends are the people that you are closest to. It is inevitable that these friends are going to change as you grow into a different person. On this journey, it is important not to lose sight of the people who have shaped you, encouraged you, and loved you.

Yet, if you lose friends as you gain self-esteem, it may be because you have many toxic friends that you have allowed to control you in a sense. Yet, now that they see you have boundaries, they may not like it or they may try to manipulate you. It is best to pay careful attention to the company you keep. As you grow and gain self-worth, if others can’t handle it, it is time for new supportive friends.

How to deal with losing friends through personal growth

Friends are not always there for you in the way you might need them. They might be holding you back from your personal growth and development. Sometimes, it is worth losing them for a better future.

Friendship is an important part of life and all of us have at least one friend. But we should not forget that we cannot slow down our personal growth and development just because we have friends who do not support it and stand in our way. That’s why some people lose friends on their journey to personal growth because they are not interested in making changes to themselves when they should be.

If you are feeling sad about losing friends, check on those closets to you. See if they are interested in growing too. Yet, if your friends are bringing you down by supporting your bad habits, it is time to distance yourself from them.

Why do I keep losing friends?

It is important to take a look at why you are losing friends. Frist, we must remember, friendship is a two-way street. Are you a loyal friend? Do you lose friends because of personal growth or do you need to work on yourself before you can have valuable relationships?

Friendships are a crucial part of the human experience. People often have a hard time determining what constitutes a good friend and what is just a person they see on occasion.

In this section, we will discuss how people who strive to be their best selves can lose friends on their journey to personal growth. These friendships are not bad but it may mean that you need more from your friends or from yourself in order to stay connected with them.

In the end, is it worth losing friends in order to make a positive change?

We should always remember that being happy with ourselves is more important than keeping all our old friends.

Do friends encourage bad habits?

One of the most crucial parts of self-improvement is letting go. We need to let go of our old ways, our old habits, and our old friends.

The question is not whether you should lose friends but rather how much of your life do you need to lose for you to become more successful. Sometimes it’s necessary to isolate ourselves from friends so that we can gain perspective on who really matters in life.

If your old friends are into things that do not create positive change, ask yourself if this is what you see yourself doing five years from now.

Do your friends only care bout getting drunk or playing video games for five hours per day? If these bad habits are not in line with your success, distancing and changing these patterns is key.

How to deal with a friend breakups during Self-Improvement

It is natural for friends to grow apart as you grow older. But sometimes, it can be difficult to lose friends because of the change in your life. Here are some tips on how to deal with the inevitable breakups with your friends.

1) Find Common Ground

You might be growing apart due to different interests or lifestyle changes. Try to analyze if you have some common ground where ey ou can build other areas of the friendship.

2) Learn boundaries

You might feel like you’re not living up to their expectations. It is time to set boundaries. However, if your “friend” doesn’t respect your personal boundaries, it is best to find friends that will.

3) Jealousy

You might feel ashamed about your success and they’re jealous. This can end a friendship. It is time to have an open honest conversation and see how your friend is feeling. Help them overcome jealousy by letting them know everyone has positive qualities. If they continue to act out of jealousy, it is best to move on.

4) They Can’t Handle Change

Do they still want you to stay the same while you want to evolve? If they can’t handle the change and support you, it is time to reevaluate the friendship. If they are important to you, it may be best to keep the friendship and perhaps they will adapt.

Self-Improvement – Losing friends on your journey to personal growth final thoughts…

If you are on a journey to self-improvement, losing friends along the way is inevitable. However, it is up to you whether you keep friends or distance yourself. If it is in your best interest and you have toxic friends, it is best to let the friendship go. Yet, if you have loyal friends that support you, it is best to share your journey with them. Friends are important and are valuable resources to help you and carry you through good and bad times. Losing them is not always easy, yet, in personal development, you must learn to put your needs first.

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Self-Improvement – Losing friends on your journey to personal growth

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