About Me

Hi, I’m Sarah and I love personal development!

Hi, I'm Sarah
Hi, I’m Sarah – Blogger, wife & mother of two

I’m a former special education teacher, wife, and mother of two boys that I adore!

I love helping others reach their full potential in life. I would be honored to help you with personal development tips and hacks, becoming the best version of yourself, and reaching your goals to live your dream life. I have a passion for personal development. I wake up each day and ask myself, “How many lives can Impact today?

My undergraduate degree is in Education with an emphasis on the Emotionally Impaired. I worked with special education students for 13 years and over time have developed many tips and tricks to help people find calm and peace inside. I absolutely loved helping my students set goals and follow through and I calm here to do the same for you!

I continue to learn and grow and would love you to join me on this journey. I am currently taking a class to get my certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and can’t wait to share more on the subject.

My background has helped me through many trying times in my life and together, we can get through anything!

Thank you so much for being here as we start this personal development journey!

This is a space of positivity, contentment, and finding peace and calm.

Facts About Me:

  1. I live in Michigan.
  2. I love getting up early and jogging!
  3. Please don’t talk to me before I get my favorite drink in the morning – COFFEE!!!!
  4. I love chocolate and will eat if daily, if it is around!
  5. I love my kids more than anything and I homeschooled them last year during the pandemic.
  6. Organizing makes me feel zen.
  7. I love studying the human brain and energy.
  8. I run 5k’s and also did a 15k a few years ago!
  9. I started blogging so I could stay at home with my kids.
  10. I love my readers and I am forever grateful you are here.

Thank you for being here!