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7 Things to do in the Morning to Jump-Start Your Day

Are you ready to jump-start your day? Here are seven things to do in the morning to help your day run smoothly, be more productive and accomplish more.

It is true, many love lazy mornings with not much to do but drink coffee and watch television. If you are like me, I like to squeeze every last snuggle out of my kids, because they are getting older and I know they won’t want to snuggle mom soon.

Yet, often when I get in a routine of coffee and couch, I don’t get much accomplished and the fact that I run three websites, Etsy shop, and KDP shop, means I need to get things done and I need my mornings to run smoothly.

Whether you have kids or not, these seven tips will help you get your morning routine together so you can accomplish more, and maybe save those lazy days for the weekends.

7 Things to do in the Morning (to Jump Start Your Day!)

#1 Make Your Bed

Making your bed is a fabulous habit to get into. Why? Research shows that making your bed first thing in the morning starts your day off with a sense of accomplishment. (source: Very Well mind)

Not to mention, your room will look cleaner which will give you the ability to focus better.

Who knew, pulling up your covers could turn around you morning.

#2 Leave the Phone Behind

Let’s just start by saying, smartphones are addictive. Research shows smartphones produce a dopamine hit to our brains each and every time we look at our phone, see likes or comments, or hear a ping. Many apps are designed to keep us on as long as possible. (Source: Healthline)

So if you want to jump-start your day, it is best to leave your phone in the bedroom for a while so you can be focused and aware. Believe me, you won’t miss much.

But what you will gain, is freedom, clarity, and uninterrupted morning time with your family.

When I was younger and we had landlines. Therefore, people did not have the ability to get ahold of you 24/7. They had to wait or leave messages. (Aging myself, haha.)

Now we are “on-call” every minute and this is not healthy.

We need time to ourselves, with no social media pings, phone calls, emails, or texts.

These things can wait.

Try setting aside an hour at lunch to go through things such as missed calls, texts, and emails. Then you won’t get distracted and waste an hour of your morning on social media.

You will find you are much more productive when you leave your phone behind.

#3 Exercise for Five Minutes

Often a half-hour workout sounds daunting but what if you tried to exercise for just five minutes every morning? Some exercise is better than no exercise, so start small and you will see after time, you can actually add time.

If you are short on time in the morning, like me because I need to take my kids to school, five minutes is perfect, and I try to walk or jog later on in the day too.

Exercise first thing in the morning gets your blood pumping and helps your body get ready for the day.

#4 Drink Water

Did you know your brain runs more efficiently when it is hydrated? Often we don’t think about this, but starting our day off hydrated, rather than dehydrated, will help us all day long.

So set a timer and have a glass of water ready each morning. Drink the whole cup right then and there, whether you feel like it or not.

Give your body what it needs, before it asks for it because if you are feeling thirsty, you already waited too long.

#5 Journal/Gratitude

Do you journal? If so, try journaling three things you are grateful for every morning.

Keeping an attitude of gratitude daily reminds us of all we have and studies show gratitude reminders actually make us happier.

So choose to start your day off happy, remembering all of life’s blessings, as opposed to starting the day with a negative attitude.

#6 Read

Did you know most CEOs of major companies read at least 50 books per year?

If you are on a personal development journey like me, one of the best ways to learn about self-improvement is to read.

If you are starting a business, read business books.

If you love fiction, choose a good novel.

The point is, read what you want and remember, what you feed your body, you become, but this also holds true for the mind.

Continue learning every day and focus on your goals through reading and you will be one step ahead to achieving them.

#7 Meditate

Research shows meditating helps calm our minds and people that meditate are essentially happier.

It sounds strange to some, to just sit and think about nothing, but meditation can be that and so much more.

You can try quieting your brain and thinking of nothing for five minutes. As you practice, this will get easier. When a thought pops in, gently remind yourself of quiet and calm. You can think of running water, sunshine at the beach, or a flowing stream.

You can also try guided meditation, which is my favorite and one of my favorite gurus is Master Stephen Co. You can check him out here and try one of his meditations on Facebook to Youtube.

7 Things to do in the morning to Jump Start Your Day Final Thoughts…

There you have it, friends! Try these seven hacks to jump-start your morning and turn your days into the amazing miracles they have the potential to be! You can use these hacks to get a better morning routine and feel productive and happier each and every morning.


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