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How to Focus on Your Future by Letting Go of the Past

Do you need to let go of the past? Often the past haunts us and keeps us from reaching our goals in life. The past can cripple us and leave us feeling stuck and lost. Unfortunately, many have a hard time overcoming past events.

All people go through things in life. Life events happen (good or bad) and we react differently based on our own personal experiences. How you deal with life says a lot about who you are as a person.

Learning how and where to focus in life will help you move forward toward reaching your goals.

However, it is easy to live in the past and let the past keep you from making life improvements. Dwelling on the past will often keep you stuck, especially if you are wondering what could have been. Living on “what ifs” will only hold you back.

Therefore, it is essential to focus on your future and not your past. In time, you can learn how to take care of yourself now and move forward as a person.

Use the following tips to help leave the past where it belongs: In the past.

Always remember, you are still here and a part of this wonderful earth.

If you choose to focus on the past, try to find appreciation for the lessons learned. Remember you are still living and breathing today. That means any past trauma or major obstacle, did not defeat you.

Let me repeat: You are still here!

You are a resilient being that has gone through some things, but you are still standing to tell about it today.

Since you are a living walking testimonial, you can now try to focus on the positive and move forward with your life.

Practice Gratitude Each and Every Day

One way to feel whole and appreciate the life you still have is to find things you are grateful for. If this is hard, start with the fact that you woke up today. Life is a gift in itself, so on your worst of days, you can start with being grateful for life.

As you continue on your path to gratitude, try journaling at least three things you are grateful for each day. Then look back on your list, especially when you are feeling low and lost. It is best to use this list as a reminder of all the good in your life and help you replace past traumatic thoughts.

Make a list of your favorite gratitudes. Then hang it up in your house as a constant reminder.

Focus on the Lesson

Many personal development gurus I follow practice using a traumatic past as a blessing. They find the good in what strengths and skills it has brought them.

One example is Tony Robbins. After growing up with an alcoholic, abusive mother, he was able to read people which lead him to his coaching career. Moreover, he turned his worst trauma into a blessing. He has mentioned he often feels he would not be where he is today, had he not gone through these events in childhood.

It can be difficult though dealing with dishonest friends after spending time and effort to build a relationship. It can hurt and make you feel down and not worthy of friendship. The best way to look at situations such as these is to treat them as a lesson in school. It may not have been the most pleasant thing that happened, but ask, “What did I learn from it?” Life gives us many lessons and it is our job to learn from the experience and not repeat it.

As you continue on your journey, try to find good people. Next, weed out the toxic people when you start noticing similar patterns. Not all people are like the ones that have hurt you in your past. Therefore, don’t dwell on it and let it affect future relationships. This is only hurting you, not the “said” untrustworthy person. So putting up a wall throughout your life, is counterproductive and will harm you in the long run.

Learn From the Past and Set a Great Future

Look to your future self in a positive light. Start thinking of all the possibilities that are yet to come. Try not to focus on what went wrong in your past. Hence, use these events as a way to prepare for the future so you are not blindsided again.

When you change your thinking to a positive mindset, you attract more positive things in your life. Learn how to attract more positive outcomes by setting goals. Furthermore, focus on your goals to improve the quality of your life.

Create a Life Goal List

Make a list of goals you would like to accomplish and write them down. Learn to focus and review goals daily. Try putting your most important goals first and check progress often.

If you would like to learn more, check out this post: 5 Steps to Write a Detailed Life Goals List

Stay Away From Toxic People

It is hard to lose friends. Often you will feel guilty, but if these people are holding you back and treating you poorly, it is best to let go. If you are around people that are often negative or don’t support you, it is best to distance yourself. Try assessing each relationship to find out if friends are toxic or if they are positive and supportive.

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How to Focus on Your Future by Letting Go of the Past Final


Holding on to the past is a hindrance that will slow you down from reaching your life goals. Yet, letting go of the past is often easier said than done. Use the tips above to let go of toxic people, set life goals, and practice gratitude daily. You will find your life growing to its full potential.

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