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10 Must-Try Hacks To Increase Your Focus and Efficiency at Work

At times, many feel like they are not getting enough done while at work. Yet, one thing we often complain about is the inability to focus. If focus is an issue, it will be hard to complete necessary tasks at work to prove capability. With that in mind, you can make some changes to be more efficient at work.

If you are looking to focus more at work and get more done, these 10 hacks below will give you the productivity boost you need to get your momentum going.

10 Must-Read Hacks That Will Increase Your Focus and Efficiency at Work:

#1 Bye Bye Phone

There are so many distractions in our technology-driven world and one of the biggest distractions is our cell phones or smartphones. In fact, according to USA Today, a SmartPhone affects your brain the same way a drug addict’s brain behaves. Which is even more of a reason to put your phone away for long periods of time during the day.

Phones are designed to help us, yet often become a hindrance when we are addicted to hearing our pings and checking our phones every twenty minutes leaving us off-task and distracted.

Your brain loves to have uninterrupted time when working on a project. Therefore, leaving your phone in your closet, coat, or purse for a given amount of time is essential to focus at work.

#2 Start With High-Value Tasks First

Ask yourself, “What is the most important thing I need to do today?”

Once you are clear on your daily goals make sure to prioritize.

Try using the “A, B, C” method to prioritize your tasks in order of importance. A being the highest, B the next highest, and so on. Make sure to complete A, B, and C today and if you have lower priority tasks that didn’t get done, move them to tomorrow’s “to-do” list.

In this way, you are moving the needle and accomplishing your most important goals.

It often helps to keep a whiteboard handy for daily tasks. Hang your whiteboard up and write your priority tasks or “A, B, C list” on it daily so you have an added reminder of focus.

#3 Keep a Routine

Keep a consistent routine that works for you. Of course, you may have to plan around team meetings and work for focus groups, but sticking to a routine will help train your brain to focus on specific tasks and as you continue with your routine, you will master your tasks.

This is especially important if you are working from home.

#4 Use a Timer

Now that you have set up a routine, incorporate your timer. One method to try is called the Pomodoro method. In this method, you will work for 25 minutes (the optimal time for your brain to focus on any given task) and then take a five-minute break. After your break work for 25 more minutes and so on.

Depending on how you work, you can also try time chunking. Set up two hours to complete a certain task and break down all of your tasks into chunks of time. Plan your day accordingly giving yourself specific times to do things. For example, 8-10 A.M. complete annual report. Continue to chunk out your day making time for your most important tasks.

#5 Take breaks that last no longer than 15 minutes

As mentioned above, a five-minute break works well with the Pomodoro method. Make sure you are not taking breaks that last longer than 15 minutes as you will have a harder time refocusing on any given task.

#6 Get up and stretch.

Your body will work better if you get up and get the blood flowing. Give yourself a brain break and stretch or take a short walk to keep your energy flowing.

#7 Find a specific place where you can work with fewer distractions

If your office is often bombarded with people asking for help or wanting to spread office gossip, try finding a less distracting place to work. Do you have conference rooms, not in use, or a break room that is empty?

It doesn’t matter where it is, but find a quiet place where you can complete your most important tasks and then move back to your office so you are not MIA for too long.

#8 Take an hour off before the end of the

Do not work yourself into burnout. If you often take your work home with you, make sure to take some time for yourself. If you have tried the tips above, you should be getting more done at work, which means less work at home.

#9 Close Social Media

Social media is designed to keep you on it for as long as possible. If you are on the platform longer, you are served more ads on the social media platform, therefore, is making more money.

Close all tabs on your computer except the one you are working on and turn off notifications on your phone and computer for all social media platforms.

If your job requires you to promote on social media, be a creator and not a consumer. Set limits and try not to get sucked into scrolling and distractions.

#10 Keep your Workspace Clean and Organized

A cluttered work area also creates clutter and distraction in the mind.

So make sure to pick up any food or wrappers at the end of the day.

Put your important papers in files and organize desk drawers so you don’t waste time trying to find items you use often.

Make sure to keep a calendar visible with important deadlines and meetings. This can be hung up on the wall so you can see it and keep clutter off your desk.

10 Hacks to Increase Focus and Efficiency at Work Final Thoughts…

These ten tips will help improve your focus and energy at work. Continue to practice working without interruption, put your phone away for set amounts of time, close all distractions such as social media and make sure to take breaks. You will start to notice an increase in productivity and perhaps that promotion you’ve been wanting will swing your way soon.

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