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20 Thoughtful End of the Year Reflection Questions

Another year has come and gone, but what have we learned? Like a flower, did we grow and flourish, or did our seeds squander with the wind in a squall-like blow?

It’s that time of year again when we like to reflect on this thing called life and see how our year has panned out, for better or worse.

When December rolls around, I start having anxiety. Well, to be fair, I have anxiety all year, but I don’t handle change well, and well, a New Year, means change. It means kids are growing up, I”m getting older, and so many memories, good and bad have come to pass. People were lost, friends were made, and passions were sparked.

What did we do with this gift of life we have been blessed to be a part of?

Self-Reflection in the New Year

The New Year is a “date” but it also has some meaning. After the Holiday high, it is time to ring in the New Year with a gusto celebration. Yet, for some the New year can have a glum outlook and perhaps, we are not looking forward to the change.

Yet, I’m hoping these thoughtful end-of-the-year reflection questions, help spark joy, and curiosity. Let the questions take you on a ride down your memory foam shoes from the year, and enjoy the blessings and life lessons that have popped above your sparkling water.

Although, it is just a date on the calendar, for many this date change has significant meaning and can signify a new start, if you will (and you know I will).

Yes, my friends, a New Year is a new beginning and many will look at it as a clean slate. A time to refresh and start anew.

A time to recap goals and set new ones. And move forward with passion and progression.

Many like to start the new year off with life improvements. Perhaps you will want to quit smoking or lose weight. Others may want to take care of mental health or become financially prosperous. Whatever the case, a new year is a time to reflect and see what direction our lives took for good or bad.

Hence, setting New Year’s resolutions. We can use these resolutions to help keep our actions aligned with our goals.

So in the passing of this glorious year, let’s take a look at some thoughtful end-of-the-year reflection questions we can ask as we proceed to the unknown bliss of a newly budding year ahead.

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20 Thoughtful End of the Year Reflection Quesiotns:

#1 What is your fondest memory from the past year?

#2 Who has become your closest friend in the last year?

#3 How did you grow over the last year?

#4 What is your favorite personal event from this year?

#5 What is one goal you achieved?

#6 What is one good deed you remember from the last year?

#7 What is something nice you did for someone else in the last year?

#8 What is your favorite project you accomplished in the past year?

#9 How did this year surprise you?

#10 What are the greatest world events from the last year?

#11 What excited you the most?

#12 What disappointed you the most?

#13 What is the greatest self-improvement you have made?

#14 How have you changed over the year?

#15 Name five things that describe how this last year went for you.

#16 Compare how the year started to how the year ended for you.

#17 Did you achieve your New Years Resolutions or Goals?

#18 What challenges are you facing in the new year?

#19 What is one regret from the last year?

#20 How will the New Year be different?

Why Ask Reflections Questions from the Past Year?

Looking at the past will help you grow as a person. You can use your reflections to help you start New Year’s resolutions or goals. You can learn to change your mindset and become the best version of yourself. If you ignore the past, you can become stuck in a rut and make it less likely you will achieve your goals.

A new year is a promising time. Use your “date” to start fresh and grow as a person in the future. Look ahead and be the best version and every day grow a little more, like a flower in springtime. Remember, every winter has a spring, as your personal growth journey will eventually move you forward on your path.

I wish you the best in the New Year. Remember to love, grow, help others, pray, send good vibes. And after all of y our hard work, remember to be joyful and celebrate. Best wishes!

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